January’s favourites

Someone posted this on a board that I frequent (lavish.nu) and I agree with Whitters when she said that this would make a great blog post/update! A monthly round up will be a great way to close out every month, and I plan to do this on the last day of the month (where possible) until the end of this year.

So, here are things that fascinated me in January:

Book - Hmm. Player One – Douglas Coupland.
Song - According to Last.fm, it’s Helena Beat – Foster the People

Movie - Easy A. I have no idea why.
TV Show - The Office
YouTube Video - Anything by Hannah Hart
GameSWTOR - I have Thomas to thank for this one. My consular is currently level 15.
Bath/Beauty Product - bodycology vanilla cupcake lotion (yum) or the new Vichy skin care stuff :)
Article of Clothing - My new blazer from American Eagle!
Food Item - Mac and Cheese with a veggie spicy Italian sausage and lots of seasonings. mmmmmm.
Drink - water. And lots of it!

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