and I’m back

I’ve been neglecting my blog the last few days. Bad blogger, bad! And I’ve been so good about posting so far this year.

“This year”…holy cow, the first month is already gone, and we’re almost halfway through the second month. Where is the time going?

I’m working on some writing/partnership deals, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my business cards. I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds; something in me has snapped and I’ve realized that to make things happen in my life, I need to be the major catalyst to achieve what I want in the end.

It hit me like a gigantic cartoon hammer early this year, and I’m just going to roll with it.

Speaking of rolling with it, I also made a video to submit to MTV Creeps. Yes, for those of you who know me in real life, you read that right. I “applied” to a reality show. I don’t expect much to come from it (but would hop on that by all means if it comes through!), but approached it more as an exercise in clarity. How do you succinctly sum up in two minutes or less why someone should be interested in anything you have to say.

I also wanted to stand up for introverts everywhere. I’ve always been a psych nerd, and even then I misunderstood what a real introvert is. Reading this article really helped to clarify it for me, and confirm that I am definitely an introvert (which, by the way, is not the same as shy). Every time I turn on these kinds of shows, I see the same kind of person looking back at me: a confident, quirky, wacky extrovert. And that’s not a bad thing! But I think it’s a huge misconception that introverts are inherently boring or homebodies. I’ve done some awesome shit! I moved to a new city to go to university, and spent four years in a city where I didn’t know a single soul. I traveled to Prague alone for a journalism course and met some amazing people and mentors. I’ve been to Germany, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and all over the States.

Why don’t we get to tell our stories?

Now that I’ve gabbed enough about the video, here’s the damn thing itself. No laughing.

Hopefully lots of news coming down the pipe sooner than later. I’m heading to Mexico on Thursday for a week, so there will be a photo dump after that.

4 thoughts on “and I’m back

  1. I thought you did a really great job in your video! I think you summed everything up nicely, and you have an awesome hat on, haha. I hope you get a call–how cool would that be?

  2. I love the hat too — thanks :)

    It would be pretty fantastic to get a call back, and a “score one for the little guy” situation for sure!

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