music is a funny thing

This year’s Grammys (which I didn’t watch; I can’t sit through awards shows) had another hilarious twist, much like last year’s surprise win in Best New Album category by the Arcade Fire.

Bon Iver, a band I definitely enjoy, won the accolade of best new artist this year, surprising everyone who was rooting for nominees Nicki Minaj (can’t stand her) and Skrillex.

Similarly, no one seemed to know exactly who the eff Bon Iver was (or “Bonny Bear,” as it was misheard as by thousands of disgruntled fans). This article made me chuckle, but this comment is depressing as hell:

“What the fuck? Who the fuck is bon iver? Hello bitches nicki minaj should have won, she has her own nail polish line. And lipstick by mac,” a disgruntled Minaj fan wrote.

Why in the world is it relevant to have a nail polish line and a MAC lipstick to win a music award?? And this is why no one knows Bon Iver; they’re a musical act and nothing more. Sigh.

I also hate that face Minaj makes in every. single. picture.

stop it. just stop it.

I’m glad that Bon Iver won, because they’re a great act still about the music.

I was going to go into more detail than this with the blog entry, but what else can be said? I <3 Bon Iver, yay for them, dislike Nicki Minaj, glad she didn't win, it's sad that younger demographics don't listen to some of the more alternative or indie acts. That's all!

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