June’s favourites

The monthly round-up of all things that dominated my attention in June! (Curious? See January’sFebruary’sMarch’sApril’s, or May’s posts.)

So, here are things that fascinated me in June:

Book - The Bloggess‘ book — omfg it’s SO FUNNY.
Song - According to Last.fm I listened to fun.’s Some Nights (intro and song) a LOT. No surprise, that song is amazing. I love the dramatic build up! This song seriously gives me chills.

Movie - I don’t know if any one movie caught my attention in June…I didn’t go to the theatre (and I meant to see The Cabin in the Woods, shoot!). I’ll have to make sure to get to a movie in July, geez.
TV Show - Jerseylicious, for some reason (still). It’s got me hooked…
YouTube Video - I love love love Elan Morgan’s TEDx talk.

Game - SWTOR - what else, really? It’s been my top game for six months now.
Bath/Beauty Product - Nothing really — I got my nose pierced, so makeup will be a big no-no for awhile!
Article of Clothing - I bought some folding sunglasses the other day. Yes, you read that right: sunglasses. That fold. OMG!
Drink - so much tea. Thanks little brother, for the gift card to David’s Tea! <3

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