the road to victoria

We started getting crazy snow today here in Calgary (and of course I didn’t have my DSLR with me, just my iPhone).

snowy day in Calgary Nov 8

It was really flying in big, heavy flakes. iPhone doesn’t do it justice

Today’s the last day of work for me before I jet off to Vancouver Island (Victoria) with my friend Taylor. We bought the plane tickets in August, and I can’t believe it’s already November and time to go!

It’s going to be a difficult trip though; I’m nervous about finding gluten-free food in an unfamiliar city (and I’m having flashbacks of the time I forgot my lunch for work and had to zip over to the convenience store across the road and buy popcorn, pepperoni/cheddar sticks and cashews for lunch. Ick), and I definitely need to do a crap-ton of laundry before I go. But, tonight is the Wintersleep concert, so that will have to be a late-night/early morning activity. Whatever, I’ll sleep on the plane.

I’m looking forward to seeing my friend, who’s getting ready to attend law school. I’m excited about taking out my DSLR and snapping a lot of pictures (which I haven’t been doing lately. Sigh). And I’m excited to be surrounded by ocean and the sea air. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t live near the ocean in a forever kind of way, but I sure do like to visit it.

I love taking mini-trips like this. Last year I spent five days with my cousin in Ottawa. It was a fantastic trip, and also more of a last-minute decision.

2013 looks like it will be lighter on the trip side, but that’s not the end of the world. I’m trying to arrange a vacation with Thomas to visit my aunt and uncle in Palm Springs. If the Coachella line-up doesn’t suck (some of the rumours are promising) then my friends and I are going to rent a condo in the same complex that they live in and hit the festival. If the line-up *does* suck (which was the case last year), then we’ll go to the desert anyways and stay with my aunt and uncle for a long weekend. Then I also bought a ticket to BlogHer ’13 in Chicago, so I’ll need to start looking at plane fare and hotels in the new year. If that can’t happen, then I’ll sell the ticket and call it a day. Jenn, Catie, possibly Amanda and I are hoping to room together on site (which would probably beat the walk to and from the hostel in NYC, right Jenn?) and that will help the costs stay down as well. I don’t mind sharing hotel rooms (or even tiny hostel rooms ;)); it just means to get to know more people faster and better!

So anyways: Victoria. Any suggestions for restaurants? I’d love to get some sushi while I’m on the coast.

2 thoughts on “the road to victoria

  1. UNEXPECTED LINK LOVE!!! Thanks! I'm buying my ticket with my tax refund (hopefully) or Christmas work bonus. Holing up together would definitely be a plus. When I was originally planning on going to blogher with Jenn this past year, I had to book the hotel room WAYYYY in advance.

  2. Welcome ;)

    I think we'll have to book the room by Jan/Feb at the latest, and the BlogHer passes aren't on early bird anymore, but there's a 25% off coupon that you can use before the holidays!

    I'm so stoked, Chicago looks amazing.

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