November’s Favourites

Alright, so y’all know how this works now, so I’m not going to explain the rules anymore. And by the way, friends: one more month after this entry and I’ll have completed something blog-related from start to finish! I have not missed a single month, and this feels like a small miracle! Hopefully this will lead to even more blog-projects being finished on time and properly (but I’m not holding my breath).

Book - Oh man, I got so hopelessly addicted to the Hunger Games trilogy this month. I read the first book on the plane on the way to Victoria, bought the second while I was there and finished it the night we landed, and finished the third on Nov 22 (delay brought to you by the fact that I didn’t get it until the afternoon of the 20th).
Song - I’ve been listening to 8tracks a lot lately, so really isn’t going to help me with this one… sadly. The song that stands out to me the most is Wild Ones, by Flo Rida. It popped up in a lot of mixes, and then every time it does I have to tweet to Jenn and laugh about it, then hit repeat. So yeah, probably Wild Ones.

Movie - I don’t think I’ve watched a movie this month…wait, no. I finally watched Goldeneye in Victoria on a night in. So I’ll say Goldeneye (go Bond!)

TV Show - Nurse Jackie, and I’ve just gotten into Mad Men. Very fitting now that I work in advertising!
YouTube Video -  SteveO will now grace us with a Killer Karaoke show, thank sweet baby J. Who in the world would volunteer for this?! But damn if that shocking one isn’t funny.

Game - Still WoW. I now have a Pandaran warrior, and a Blood Elf Paladin. WHO AM I?
Bath/Beauty Product -  Loving my MAC foundation and blush all over again, since it’s helping to protect my skin from the harsh Calgary winter. My face has cleared up a LOT and it’s thanks to WEARING makeup. Go figure.
Article of Clothing - I bought some ridiculous mittens in Victoria that were definitely designed for children’s hands, because the flaps that go over your fingers pull too high when I extend my fingers. And I have small hands, people. But they saved my digits on the island, so they’re my new favourites. Also, they’re colourful and fun!

mittens that don't quite fit
Drink - Coffffeeeeeee. I’ve been so sleepy this month, and I don’t know what I’d do without my morning java. People don’t need to see that side of me.

5 thoughts on “November’s Favourites

  1. I think of you whenever I hear Flo Rida (whom I'm listening to right now), so I'm flattered that you do the same. ;) AND I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL BLOGHER '13! Hopefully there will be lots of glitter, but not too much #WTFCanada-ing.

  2. I'm getting all caught up on my contemporary hits before going to Chicago ;) Song Pop helps! And I will also LOL if we get Flo Rida. I think I did paying against Dan

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