and now we wait

Both for my test results, and for my stomach to calm the hell down and stop backflipping in my body.

I was at the lab services clinic at 7:30 this morning for my blood test that was part of my yearly physical. After discussing my celiac concerns with my doctor, he ordered a celiac screen as well. But, I gave up eating wheat in October (remember?) so last night I indulged in some gluten-y goodness.

Just me drinking a beer. Very exciting

All of last night, I felt fine. A little tipsy from drinking two beers, but quite alright. I went to bed feeling fairly normal, and even when I woke up this morning I was okay.

Given that it was a blood test, that meant fasting from 7:30pm to 7:30am. I grabbed a coffee on my way to work after the test, and made a bagel with cream cheese once I arrived.

Because my digestive system is just a theme park of fun, that’s when it decided to start acting up and reminding me that wheat is indeed still a bad idea. Ugh.

In other news, it’s strange to be back at work already; since Thomas and I were sick, and then my parents were in town, I feel like we didn’t get much of a break. New Year’s Eve was also a small bust, since Thomas was at work until after 1 in the morning so I didn’t get my midnight kiss either. (But, I did give him a big ol’ smooch at 9 the next morning!)

Starting to think of creative ways to get, well, creative. I want 2013 to involve more photos, more writing. The biggest question is how to best facilitate this — for me it’s usually a conundrum of time-but-no-supplies, or supplies-but-no-time. Thinking about carrying around my older camera body with a fixed lens in a messenger bag that will double as a purse. I always carry my phone and notebook with me, so the writing part’s not the challenge. Sitting down and writing is!

How do you invite more creativity into your life?

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4 thoughts on “and now we wait

  1. With working from home, I did take a break during both holidays, but still checked in. I worked more “legitimately” today, but still haven't quite thrown myself back into things. Eh… tomorrow!

    I definitely suggest taking your camera with you everywhere! That's one of my goals for this year, too.

  2. There's always tomorrow ;)

    I figured taking my older body and an old fixed lens would be the easiest way, and definitely worth a shot! (hehe, shot…) My photos are crap lately, and the only way to get better is to take more.

    Man, looking back on this entry there's no FLOW! I hope that'll get better with practice too, yikes.

  3. I'm planning on making this a year of more creativity, too! Some of that is going to be more photos (mostly with my iPhone—the best camera is the one you have with you—but a couple of photowalks with the ol' DSLR might be nice too, maybe we should meet up for one?). I'm also hoping to do more knitting and cross-stitch and to learn some new tricks for both. I'm definitely hoping to add some creative, fiction writing to my regime too.

    Claire, Josh and I have talked about meeting up at a coffee shop for the occasional writing/reading/creating session. If you're interested, I'll keep you in the loop!

  4. A photo walk would be great! Text anytime after 5:30 on weekdays and let me know if you wanna go out :) I also want to do more knitting — I know exactly one stitch lol.

    Definitely keep me in the loop for the creativity coffee shop sessions! :)

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