oh look, a new month

I swear, the second we get through January in any given year, all I can think about is summersummersummersummersummersummer. Repeat x10.

But, February will be a great month for me as well. The ball is rolling, and now I can’t do anything to stop it: my braces go on February 22. Internally, I’m freaking out a LOT, but everything stands to reason that this will be a relatively simple process. I haven’t chipped a tooth in over a year (whereas it used to be once a year if not more), and my dentists are all working together and talking to one another.

What’s got me the most concerned is what I’ll be restricted to eating in terms of food, and how they’re going to look. I’ve come a long way in terms of self-acceptance, and I’m nervous that throwing braces into the mix will damage my budding self-esteem. And I’m also pretty restricted with what I can eat now (I’m careful with sticky or crunchy foods, so things like raw almonds, toffee, gum etc are all out right now), but I hope that there won’t be too much more eliminated from my diet. I’m still gluten free, so that’s another factor to consider.

Overall, January was a stressful, stressful month. But, many things have been dealt with, and I’m feeling a lot more confident and comfortable with the direction that February seems to be moving in! Onward and upward, right?

This weekend I plan to catch up on things that I’ve been putting off. I’ve been reading a great book on procrastination, and it’s been so empowering. I feel like I can accomplish anything! (And for anyone who struggles with procrastinating, I definitely recommend picking up this book.) Basically, I’ll be cleaning out the house, straightening up my closet (LONG overdue) and baking the macaroons to send to some very special ladies in time for Valentine’s Day. I also might be stopping by the gym, as I think it might be safe to say the resolutioners have all given up by now (as mean as that is to think) and I’ll have my treadmills back. Then it’s the freaking SUPER BOWL on Sunday, and I’ve been invited to a coworker’s house for a party and betting extravaganza. I don’t bet, but I am looking forward to watching the game!

What are your plans?

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