life lately

It’s been quite busy around here lately, but I’ve been enjoying every second of it.

Work’s been going quite well, and I’ve contributed to some new projects that are challenging my skills and abilities. While it’s scary to be out of your comfort zone, it feels amazing to accomplish something that you weren’t sure you could, corny as that sounds…

Sunday was the Super Bowl (well done Ravens!) and I was invited to a coworker’s house for a party. It was an exciting game to watch (especially post-blackout, right?) and because we were there first, Thomas and I won the Early Bird prize — a European sports car! Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be driving it around anytime soon…

I won a european sports car

Still, it’s nice to win things…

Monday was the Muse show, and in case you didn’t read my review yet, it was AMAZING. I know some people were underwhelmed or disappointed when they compared this show to some of their others, but it was one of the most exciting shows I’ve seen.

Yesterday I decided to stay in and recover from the last couple of days. When we went to the Super Bowl party, there was a table full of snacks and munchies. Thomas and I dove in and helped ourselves, and I didn’t even think of what the ingredients may be. My boss made some awesome cheesy artichoke dip, and I had some of that paired with chips. However, I didn’t realize that the cheesy sauce likely used flour as a thickener, was heaping full of dairy (which I’m supposed to be limiting) and then I was using pita chips to scoop up all that yummy goodness (pita being full of good healthy enriched wheat flour). Oops. My stomach was none too happy with me Sunday night, and it’s taken until today for my guts to really stop swelling up. For a couple of days, I looked a little bit knocked up.

The party food hangover combined with getting very little sleep after the Muse show means I was in bed by about 9 last night, and sleeping by 10. Apparently I had a whole conversation with Thomas when he came home from work, and got up out of bed, but don’t recall any of it today. That, my friends, is freaking tired.

Tonight it’s my weekly gathering with the girls to watch Nurse Jackie and drink wine. I’m looking forward to spending time with my ladies, as I don’t think I’ve seen them since last week! Two of my closest friends are my neighbours, so this is truly weird.

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2 thoughts on “life lately

  1. Just what I call the after-effects that linger after I eat the wrong things. It's not “fast and furious” for me, but a drawn out slow reaction that takes days to clear up. Kinda like a hangover.

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