welcome back, sunshine

It’s finally sunny in Calgary again! All the dark and dreary days last week were really starting to weigh me down.

With that bright, lovely, Vitamin D-producing orb back in the sky, maybe I’ll finally be motivated to enjoy the warmer weather.

It was a relatively quiet weekend. I spent most of Saturday inside, baking and hanging out. In the evening, my friend came over and we drank white wine (something I’m learning to appreciate) and watched Chasing Amy. I’ve been enjoying cooking a lot more lately, and may start posting some of the recipes I’ve come up with. Hopefully I’ll even remember to take some pictures ;)

Otherwise, things are largely uneventful. Work has settled into a nice pattern day after day and while I’m still struggling to get up in the mornings, I’m finding new ways to try and increase my calorie intake to help me wake up. This week: smoothies. Wish me luck.

I still haven’t started training for the 5k race, and that’s quickly coming up (eek!). I’m going to sit down this week and come up with a training schedule, and between runs at the gym and yoga in the mornings (hopefully all for about $100/mo) that should be a great starting point for me. Once the weather is nicer, I can even run *gasp* outside!

Braces are now just braces — they don’t bother me a whole lot and the look I’ve gotten used to. However, I can’t wait to head back to Edmonton in another two weeks to get the plastic ones swapped out for metal brackets.

I wanted to try and split the metal/plastic difference to minimize the change in my appearance, but the dentist warned me that the bonding agents were different and that the plastic probably wouldn’t stick to my teeth.

A poorly lit but accurate picture of my metal/plastic braces ratio. I also promise to stop posting so many pictures of my mouth.

Well, turns out the guy with all the degrees and education was entirely correct; I’ve broken six plastic bonds in just over two weeks. Because my orthodontist is three hours away and I’m not insane, I can’t be in the dentist chair every week to get the latest bracket-that-is-making-a-bid-for-freedom glued back on to my reluctant tooth/teeth. So, I’m admitting defeat and asking him to slap on the metal brackets ASAP.

He will have my written statement to acquiesce to all suggested treatment from that point on.

But, overall, life is good. I may be booking a vacation at the end of this month, and I can’t wait! A trip away sounds just perfect right about now.

Here’s a picture of cats, just because. This accurately depicts the relationship between my two cats.

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4 thoughts on “welcome back, sunshine

  1. Typical cats on that last pic. :D

    I think braces are adorable & cute. Am I in the minority?

    I didn't know braces were glued on! o.o Do they leave marks on the teeth once removed..?

  2. I'm really starting to love my braces, actually (aside from when they pop off!) — I also think they're cute.

    And yes, the brackets (metal things) are glued onto the tooth. Then the wire goes through and shifts the teeth to where they are supposed to be. They only leave marks if you don't take care of your teeth/braces the way you're supposed to (and even then, people can get away with a lot!).

  3. I think metal brackets are better in looks anyway – when I see people with plastic brackets I always think they have chunks of bread all over their teeth.

  4. Yeah, I was really surprised when I looked at the clear ones and saw how clunky they seemed. I thought they would be a lot thinner, but no dice. I'm excited to get them swapped out :)

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