the pintester movement

So if you haven’t heard, there’s a blog out there called the Pintester. It’s written by Sonja Foust and she is pretty freaking hilarious. I met her (or heard of her blog, I can’t quite remember. Sorry Sonja!) at BlogHer last year. She tests and fucks up Pinterest pins. And how awesome would it be if that were your full-time job?

And now, Sonja is letting other people in on her turf — she’s hosting a Pintester Movement, and bloggers from all over will be testing (and fucking up) pins! I am one of them. The total list of participants can be found on her website!

For this little experiment, I decided to try the Guilt-Free “ice cream” pin.

This one only has three ingredients, but I was sceptical of whether the results would be any good. I mean, we’ve all had ice cream, and we’ve all had bananas. They are not the same thing, people.


Bananas. NOT ice cream.

But, despite my lack of faith in the banana-ice cream conversion I decided to try it anyways. According to the recipe, you first start with the bananas. And to start on the right foot, I kinda fucked this one up before I even really got going, because according to the website you’re supposed to cut up the banana and then freeze it. I started with frozen bananas, and nearly got frostbite trying to peel them. Brr.


Then, you add the peanut butter and cocoa. Then (if you’re me) you make your second fuck up of the evening, immediately on the heels of your first. You reread the directions, and realize that you’re supposed to use a food processor, not a blender, to get everything silky and smooth. (And if you didn’t just hear this in your head, then we’re friends off.) And apparently the food processor/blender thing is a big deal, because the above photo is after I started the blender not before. As you can see, there’s not a whole lot of change…


I’m at a bit of an advantage though, since I live with a chef. Thomas happened to come upstairs as I was putting this all together, and (as is often the case when I’m cooking) he stopped to ask me what the hell I was doing. I explained and he took one look at the concoction in the blender and told me that I needed to add cream. That would aid in the ice cream part of the recipe, but definitely take away from the “guilt free” part of it. Though, I suspect any recipe with four bananas and peanut butter isn’t too healthy to begin with. What’s a cup of cream on top of all that?


I finally got the right consistency though! But, instead of ice cream, it’s more like that stage of ice cream where it’s not frozen any more, but is still cold enough to hold a semi-solid shape. The ice cream soup stage! The stuff you’d have left over in your bowl after eating the majority of the ice cream. Which really, considering this is just bananas, cocoa, peanut butter, and cream that’s not too shabby.


So, I didn’t pull a classic Foust and fuck this up royally. Just kinda sorta fucked it up, and was lucky enough to have someone around to save me from my Pin-testing self. But, if you add some cream and need to use a blender instead of a food processor, I’d say my version of the pin was largely a success! But it’s no longer very guilt free. Maybe just pick up some ice cream unless, like me, you were partial to the ice cream soup stage of ice cream.

8 thoughts on “the pintester movement

  1. One of my author friends raved and raved about the frozen concoction you can get from a Yonanas machine. Using just fruit, you get creamy goodness apparently. We got one and the stuff looks a bit like yours. You use semi-thawed bananas and other fruits.

    I think I like your chocolate and peanut butter 'ice cream' better.

  2. Give it a whirl! The most painful/difficult part is definitely peeling frozen bananas; I'd recommend going with the original recipe step on that one, and peel/cut then freeze ;)

  3. I quote Billy Madison on a regular basis, much to the chagrin of the people around me. Also, your faux ice cream looks plenty delicious, though I am firmly of the opinion that the only thing anyone should ever feel guilty about eating is babies.

  4. Mmmm. I have some bananas chilling in my freezer — they're supposed to be for one of those 4-ingredient protein cookie recipes, but I might have to give this a shot instead. Because cookies aren't supposed to be healthy anyway.

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