all calm on the homefront

The last few days have been busy, but not in a hectic kind of way. More like the “consistently busy” kind of way, you know?

I ended up working on a project this weekend, and while it’s never “fun” to come into the office on Saturday and Sunday, it wasn’t too painful. Saturday I went to the gym with Kaila, and cranked out a 3.11 mile (5k) run in 36:59. The treadmill shut everything down before I could take a picture of the display, but after uploading all my iPhone photos this weekend I checked my pace from when I first started running in the winter to now:

Running in November

So this was what I was running back in November 2012. 2 miles in close to 30 minutes, pace of 14.13/mile and an average speed of only 4.22 MPH. Not bad, but definitely not where I’m at now! Again, I wish I had a photo, but the run on Saturday was 3.11 miles in 37 minutes, I think the pace was around 11 minutes/mile and an average speed of 5-something? But I know from the distance/time ratio alone that there’s been huge improvements over the last six months, and that’s so freaking exciting.

I also started the Fat Mum Slim challenge this weekend, and the first two days (haha) were uploaded with no problem. Only 28 to go! Are you participating? All my photos are on my Instagram and Flickr accounts (and the photos in the header of the blog are from Instagram feed, so you can view them there if you like).

After running and work on Saturday, I met Erin and Jesse at the pub down the block from the office for a burger and beer. There’s no better way to destress after working than red meat and liquor!

Last night we had a quiet night in at the house, and by we I mean my neighbours and I; Thomas was working. But I got to chat with Kelsey and Jeremy about their wedding plans, and it’s making me terribly excited to watch them tie the knot! We split some nomilicious food and some tasty wine as well. Thanks guys ;)

It’s only 12 days until my 25th birthday, and this weekend I’ll be in Edmonton to celebrate both my and my aunt’s birthdays. Plus, I’ll have my first consultation with my surgeon since we submitted my case to OMDS, and an appointment with the orthodontist to adjust my braces (ick). On top of everything else, my cousin bought a house and will be moving that weekend as well. There’s no such thing as a quiet weekend when I go to visit family ;)

But first, there’s a slew of work that I have to wade through to make it to the end of the week. Wish me luck…

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