all calm on the homefront

The last few days have been busy, but not in a hectic kind of way. More like the “consistently busy” kind of way, you know?

I ended up working on a project this weekend, and while it’s never “fun” to come into the office on Saturday and Sunday, it wasn’t too painful. Saturday I went to the gym with Kaila, and cranked out a 3.11 mile (5k) run in 36:59. The treadmill shut everything down before I could take a picture of the display, but after uploading all my iPhone photos this weekend I checked my pace from when I first started running in the winter to now:

Running in November

So this was what I was running back in November 2012. 2 miles in close to 30 minutes, pace of 14.13/mile and an average speed of only 4.22 MPH. Not bad, but definitely not where I’m at now! Again, I wish I had a photo, but the run on Saturday was 3.11 miles in 37 minutes, I think the pace was around 11 minutes/mile and an average speed of 5-something? But I know from the distance/time ratio alone that there’s been huge improvements over the last six months, and that’s so freaking exciting.

I also started the Fat Mum Slim challenge this weekend, and the first two days (haha) were uploaded with no problem. Only 28 to go! Are you participating? All my photos are on my Instagram and Flickr accounts (and the photos in the header of the blog are from Instagram feed, so you can view them there if you like).

After running and work on Saturday, I met Erin and Jesse at the pub down the block from the office for a burger and beer. There’s no better way to destress after working than red meat and liquor!

Last night we had a quiet night in at the house, and by we I mean my neighbours and I; Thomas was working. But I got to chat with Kelsey and Jeremy about their wedding plans, and it’s making me terribly excited to watch them tie the knot! We split some nomilicious food and some tasty wine as well. Thanks guys ;)

It’s only 12 days until my 25th birthday, and this weekend I’ll be in Edmonton to celebrate both my and my aunt’s birthdays. Plus, I’ll have my first consultation with my surgeon since we submitted my case to OMDS, and an appointment with the orthodontist to adjust my braces (ick). On top of everything else, my cousin bought a house and will be moving that weekend as well. There’s no such thing as a quiet weekend when I go to visit family ;)

But first, there’s a slew of work that I have to wade through to make it to the end of the week. Wish me luck…

well that was even worse than expected

The first half of the dental work is now over, and my face and I aren’t happy.

I had two appointments on Friday, and what I was expecting to be awful wasn’t that bad, and what I thought would be easy was Pain Street, USA.

At 1pm, I was at the prosthodontist’s office to get seven fillings placed on my teeth. The bonding agent was supposed to make my teeth stronger and therefore better able to withstand the brackets/glue from the braces that will be put on next week. I’ve had some bonding agent on my front four teeth since Grade 7, so I’m inclined to agree when the dentist tells me that it’ll last! Plus, you know, he’s a dentist and junk. So that work totalled in the 4-digit range, but luckily it was covered.

Then, I skipped off to the orthodontist. They told me that spacers would need to be put in to help make some room in between my crowns, since they’re too crowded in the back to have the braces bands slipped around them. The spacers are those tiny rubber bands that go on the braces themselves, but when you have a situation like mine apparently they’re also used in between teeth to move things around a little before braces do the main job. I wasn’t expecting to be SO uncomfortable during this appointment. The poor woman putting those things in must have felt as awful as I did, as I was full-on ugly crying by the second or third one.

Because my crowns have always been sensitive — since they’re not really installed properly, since I didn’t have proper teeth to put them on — I think this appointment hurt more for me than other patients. The woman also mentioned that I’d be uncomfortable for the next couple days (ie, the rest of the weekend). It’s now Tuesday, and my teeth still hurt, as every time I bite down I hit the rubber band and push it a little deeper into my gum/tooth. Normally, these things would be flush with the teeth, so there wouldn’t be this constant push-pull, but my teeth are too short so I’m left with exposed rubber.

Best part? If any of them come out, I get to put them back in. *shudder* So I’m being super-duper cautious and careful, because I don’t know if I could manage it to be honest. It was hard enough to let someone else do it, and I don’t know if I could put myself in that much pain.

Then there’s the big balloon payment the orthodontist wanted that is currently sitting on my Visa. Another 4-figure amount, and this wasn’t covered at all. Ouch. I won’t be able to submit the paperwork for a few more weeks, so here’s hoping the interest won’t add up too quickly. Otherwise, those damn credit cards were paid off!

Overall, this means a lot of Advil (so far, at least in the mornings) and soft chewy foods (but not sticky, so those damn rubber bands aren’t pulled out!). Overall, I can’t eat too much or a wide variety of things without feeling really uncomfortable, Advil or no Advil. So this lack of food is making me quite grumpy.

My poor family got an earful all weekend, but now I’m back in Calgary and not sure where to vent my displeasure. All I can see is a lot of chili and soup in my future, and it’s bumming me out.

Then Friday is the big show. All the scary metal is being installed, and I’m going to want to rip things apart for the first little while. I’m hoping that the braces will fit better than these spacers, since they are being made specifically for my teeth and mouth. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long three YEARS.

Sigh. I’m in a funk. I know this all has to be done, but I’m already tired of the pain. It could be worse, but dammit, there could just be nothing too, you know?

and so it begins

This week is going to be nutty, so I may as well try and touch on all the topics of the week now, in the event that I can’t blog later. Which, all things considered, is likely.

Dentist in Edmonton

I’ve made the appointments, and started the the process. The funds are waiting, and the team is assembled… but now I need to get my butt into the chair.

my dentist in edmonton put in a gold crown in my mouth. And my dentist rocks.

The work of the next few weeks will make this little crown from last spring seem like nothing.

I’m going to Edmonton this weekend to see my prosthodontist — he’s going to prep my teeth for brackets — and my orthodontist — he’s going to put on the spacers that will begin my metal mouth journey. I get the full-meal deal braces on February 22 (have I mentioned that yet?). And I don’t mean to sound snarky or sarcastic about all this either, I’m genuinely excited! But it’s the kind of excited that also borders on nervous, anxious, and sometimes a little sick. At the very least, this week will be a short work week for me, since I’m taking off for the Great White North on Thursday morning.

This also means that I’ll have three dentist appointments in the span on five days, plus I’m missing three days of work in a two week span to accommodate all these appointments. Goodbye, vacation days…

That’s the biggest part of my week, but there are other bits and pieces in there as well

Couch to 5k

I’ve signed up for my first 5k, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s at the end of June in Calgary, and it’s more of a fun run than a competitive race, which makes it ideal for my first. However, that also means I need to start seriously training…like, yesterday.

I’ve downloaded a Couch to 5k app (free on the Apple app store!), and have worked out a rough training schedule in my head. I need to write it all down, and make the commitment to show up — or at least, that’s what the procrastination book I read last month recommended I do to actually get this done. Scheduling is great for a Type A person like me, but the procrastinator inside just likes making the pretty calendars — never mind doing the work.

I’ve gotten a lot better over the last two months, but it’s still something I need to keep in check!

I’m making it a point to walk the 4km to work more often, since it’s a reasonable amount of time, a great way to wake up, and the weather in Calgary has been GORGEOUS lately (though disconcertingly warm). I figure the longer I walk my butt up and down those hills every day (it’s a hilly area), the easier it will be to start running on flat ground.


Then, there’s work on top of it all. This promises to be an insanely busy week/month/season, so to have two three-day work weeks in a row may kill me. I’ll likely be bringing my laptop up to Edmonton so I can check things out from my parents’ house and make sure everything is still running smoothly.

Or does that make me a workaholic? Whatever.

And that’s my week. To make the dentist parts go smoother, I’ll be getting my hair cut as well. This means I’ll be pinning ALL THE HAIRCUTS while I’m not working or organizing health-related things/expenses. Plus, all the requisite friend visits and catch-ups need to happen as long as I’m up north. I miss my connections in Edmonton, but I wouldn’t move back there for almost anything.

If I don’t check back in, have a fabulous week!