a much needed update

June 3rd. That’s the last time I sat down to write a blog entry. June freaking THIRD. It is the 25th, for anyone keeping track.

This is going to have to be in point form. It’s been that kind of month.

  • It was my 25th birthday June 15th. We didn’t do anything too fancy, because Thomas was working all weekend. I went out for dinner with four of my girlfriends, then had a chill night at home.
  • I went to Edmonton June 7th, for my aunt’s 60th birthday and for an appointment with the orthodontist and the surgeon. The surgeon yelled at me about my gums and told me if I don’t get them healthier he won’t operate. Gulp.
  • The other piece of info I got from the surgeon was that he recommends, in addition to the jaw and palate adjustments, a genioplasty as well (chin surgery). This is considered entirely cosmetic since it won’t help with my jaw issues, but will complete what they’re trying to achieve. Because it’s cosmetic, it’s entirely up to me to pay for it. Eek.
  • My dad has had health issues the last month; he was admitted to the hospital just two days before I went away to Mexico. It’s been breaking my heart to not be home with my family this last month. After further testing, they’ve figured out by the damage in his heart that at some point he had a heart attack, his arteries were clogged 90%, 80%, and 80% and he had three stents put in to deal with that. He still has high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was told he’s Type 2 diabetic. This is all within a month!
  • Work went and exploded all over me, and at the same time I had freelance deadlines looming as well. Getting all of my obligations taken care of was exhausting, and didn’t leave a lot of extra time for me. It was hard to know that I had to give up things I wanted to do for things I needed to do. Lots of workouts, runs, and yoga classes lost.
  • My 5k run, Color Me Rad, was postponed until the August long weekend, which means I can’t go. I will be in Victoria for a family wedding. It was postponed because…
  • My city has been flooding. Big time. For days. And the clean up is just starting to get underway. It’s going to be a long process, and the last five days have been hectic and crazy. My office was shut down because of its proximity to the flood zones, and we’ve been working from home since Friday. I’m starting to go a little stir crazy.

So. That’s why there’s been no blog posts. Things are starting to slow down as the month comes to a close, so I’m hoping I can invest more time and energy into my blog and website.

getting there

I’m starting to get there! Still going to the gym three times a week with Kaila, and starting to see results.

This was my run from last night:

running on the treadmill 5k trainingWe’re both noticing that we now want to eat ALL THE THINGS all the time. Metabolism must be burning!

I’m up to 2.47 miles, and to reach 5 kilometres, I’ll need to hit 3.11 total. Just a little bit further and I’ll be in line with my goal. I’m planning to run outside when the weather start to cooperate, and that will help my body get used to running on concrete. It’s definitely different than running on the treadmill (read: way harder on concrete).

The last few weeks, as I’ve mentioned a few times, have been difficult. Personally, I’ve been stuck in a negative headspace for awhile, coming up for air for a few days then sinking back down for a few more. Thomas has had his own share of stressors, too. But, we’ve remained strong and together. Stronger together, probably.

We had a lovely date night on Saturday, drinking wine and watching a couple movies. There was a brief interruption when we realized one of the cats (presumably) stepped in the shit of the other, and refused to clean it. We locked the smelly one in the laundry room/cat box room in the hopes that he’d clean his nasty foot, but he just sat patiently and waited to come out.

Eventually we tag-teamed bathing the cat, and hilarity ensued. No one was brutally maimed, and the cat’s lower half was hilariously shrunken and soaked the rest of the night. THEN he made it a point to clean and lick himself all over. TOO LATE, CAT. Don’t worry, he made up for it by drying himself off on my side of the bed after we released him, and were laughing too hard to towel him off properly.

This weekend I intend to go shopping and buy a metric tonne of clothes. I went spring cleaning through my closet and realized that I still have items from high school (graduated 7 years ago, for those wondering). So, it’s safe to say I get some mileage out of my clothes. I don’t see the harm in investing in some new ones. I’m thinking new lululemon sweater, sports bra and pants, plus a plethora of goodies from Old Navy and American Eagle to take with me to Mexico. (Which is only TWO WEEKS AWAY!)

Another run/strength workout tonight (gotta build those knees up), a tattoo consult tomorrow (to finish off my RHCP wrist piece) and then BAM it’s the weekend! What’s everyone else up to?


I think it’s working

All my complaining about the lack of sunshine must have done something, because while it’s been chillier in Calgary at least the sun and blue skies are starting to make an appearance again. I’ve even seen green grass! (In between the piles of snow, that is.)

Working out is also starting to have an effect on me and how I feel/look. Kaila and I have been at it for just over two weeks now and we’ve both noticed positive changes. It has been a long time since I was able to see improvement in such a short span of time! I’m crediting her for pushing me like crazy, especially when I didn’t want to go.

The 5K is at the end of June, and I feel confident that I’ll be able to complete it in under 40 minutes. I’m aiming for something around 30, but for my first race I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

I’m getting close to running a 10-minute mile now, and if I complete three of those in a row then that’s essentially 5K. Yesterday I averaged 5.58 MPH and ran for close to 10 minutes. GUYS! I think I can actually do this!

Overall, my mood has been improving lately, which I’m very thankful for. I hate feeling that twisty, itchy feeling that sneaks up in the spring.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s spring here *quite* yet, but it looks like winter is starting to fade… though I believe we’re in for anther snowfall this weekend. For the record, it started snowing here in mid-October, and we’re now in mid-April and it’s STILL SNOWING. This is seven straight months of cold, frozen precipitation. That is more than any one person should have to bear.

And essentially, that’s why it’s all I talk about.

Aside from that, there’s not a lot going on in my life. Thomas’ is far more hectic right now, but it’s not my place to talk about his stuff on my site.

What is everyone up to this weekend?