Nationale Postcode Loterij

Nationale Postcode Loterij

Dutch Nationale Postcode Loterij for Charity

National lotteries have been around for a good long while, with even Queen Elizabeth I allowing a lottery system to help renovate England way back in 1566. Since then National lotteries in varying capacities have been set up in countries around the world, to offer both the players some exciting wagers and the country itself an aid to investment.

A classic win-win situation, with one of the more shining examples in this pursuit today being this, the Nationale Postcode Loterij in Netherlands. With half of its proceeds going to multiple different charities around the world this lottery definitely does some good work and at the same time offers those involved some considerable winning possibilities, which serve to make lottery participation of this calibre a simple choice for most.

The Nationale Postcode Loterij Past and Present

The Dutch National Postcode Lottery was first introduced in 1989 by a group called Novamedia. Novamedia are a charity group that sets up charity lotteries around the world to help out various different institutions that aim to make the world a fairer, greener place to live. An inspired effort, with their benchmark endeavour being this Nationale Postcode Loterij in Netherlands. This pioneering effort has since spurred many a charitable organisation and continues to do so to date.

As of 2014 this national lottery donated some 312 million euros to almost a hundred different charities in that year alone. This was following their traditional 50% of proceeds to charity standard, one they have adhered to since their inception. It is easy to see why this specific lottery has received some acclaimed endorsements from some influential players and hosts a selection of well-known ambassadors to their cause. On top of all this charitable work, this lottery actually rewards some rather unique and regular prizes for participants, so the lottery angle it is ultimately based upon is not lost amongst all the charity.

Prizes and Reliable Regulatory Procedures

A lottery without prizes is hardly a lottery to begin with, but the Nationale Postcode Loterij has got no troubles with this field of the industry and rewards not only the usual millionaire potential but also smaller prizes like VIP resort accommodation. On top of this there are Postcode Street prizes, which are highly acclaimed as a random street can be awarded some incredible cash prizes. The most lucrative of these is the PostcodeKanjer, which is awarded on the first day of each New Year, and is the biggest prize in Dutch lottery history. That’s not half bad for a charity lottery.

As far as regulations go, the Nationale Postcode Loterij and Novamedia incorporate several layers of external audit and regulatory entity to ensure transparency as well as trust for their brand and their charities. The accounts and financial information around these charity lotteries are analysed thoroughly as well as the reliability and trust of the charities affiliating with them. Overall however the charity lotteries with Novamedia have garnered reliability over decades of experience and work in the industry, especially their first national lottery, this Dutch one.

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